L.A.M Phelan in 1954 founded a mechanism that combined a deep fryer with pressure cooker to cook chicken in a better way. This is how the Broaster Chicken was invented with its most succulent and scrumptious taste that relies on less oil to cook, retains more chicken moisture and enables uniform cooking all the time. This does not only make this fried chick- en better but makes it the best. Phelan manufactured the first Broaster Pressure Fryers under Flavor Fast Foods, Inc. and in 1956 formed The Broaster Company, expanding its line of of- ferings to include food product ingredients and accessories.

Experts warrant that the fascinating technique of Broaster Pressure Fryer is Healthier, Tasti- er & Quicker. It uses less oil for cooking and therefore decreases oil absorption. There is virtu- ally no flavor transfer amongst product loads and is drenched in only the finishing flavours- flavors of the dish, tasty and tempting. Know the unique and revolutionary way in which this excellence was made possible. Go through the innovative equipment that makes the chicken, the world’s best.



Broaster Pressure Fryers use a sealed, pressurized environment, like a pressure cooker, in which foods are cooked in Broaster Foods Canola Oil. The pressure seals in to the foods’ natural juices and locks out the cooking oil.*


Decreasing oil absorption also results in extending the oil’s useful life and reducing your oil costs. This amounts to big savings over ordinary deep fryer cooking.


Since very little oil is transferred into foods in a Broaster Pressure Fryer, there is virtually no flavor transfer among product loads and is drenched in only the finishing flavours of the dish, tasty and tempting.


With such a closed and concentrated cooking, Broaster Pressure Fryers allows you to get meals faster with evenly cooked and fried chicken and minimum product waste. * The same study found that energy consumption per pound of chicken cooked was reduced up to 48% with pressure frying while the maximum production rate of cooked chicken per hour was 2 to 3 times greater than that of open frying.


After being introduced and flourishing in the American markets for 64 years, Genuine Broaster Chicken started serving in India through its first outlet in Versova which opened in August 2016, since then it has spanned across the length and breadth of the country. It has opened outlets in the Western region in Mumbai and Pune. Similarly, it penetrated in Eastern India with outlets in Guwahati, Kolkata, Gangtok and Imphal and in Northern India with presence in Delhi, Lucknow, Patna and Varanasi. The South Indian regions have leading outlets across Bangalore and Hyderabad. Today, Broaster has become the fastest growing International brand in Indian history ever with 20 plus outlets in a span of just 2 years of opening of the first outlet. Genuine Broaster Chicken is spread across 33 other countries besides India. Broaster continues its successful run and journey in India and is expected to open 50 stores by the end of 2019.

The interiors of the Genuine Broaster Chicken (GBC) is designed like an American diner typical to the old school neighborhood with rustic vintage furniture, mosaic mirror walls along with white brick wall finish. The windows are adorned with ornaments and area decorated with American upholstery. The ambience comes alive with a casual vibe and the use of American visual merchandise like American baseball helmet lights gives you the perfect feel of the diners of yesteryears. GBC has a quirky set up, that sets itself apart from its competitors. The interiors breathe vintage grunge filled with old school brass lights, vintage lamp posts and metal grills. The walls are splayed with chicken caricatures. For the perfect background to a games night, an intimate date, a group reunion or to just simply hang out, the GBC sets up the most delightful ambience that is fluent in American style with an Indian heart.

With a legacy of 64 years serving the finest Broaster Chicken in America, we only vow to offer indulgence in every bite for every food lover out there. You can choose from our array of dishes to complement the mood or style you are in. Other than the delicious Classic Genuine Broaster Chicken, we have the Spicy Genuine Broaster Legs. Our Chef’s special Hot Masala Pressure Fried Chicken and Happy Fried Chicken go best with our in-house dips like curry mango, jalapeno cheese & sweet and chilli thai, all highly recommended. Each of these flavoured chickens are fried in the broaster equipment giving you the tastiest bites.

Our wings can be savoured in one of the 5 of your favourite sauces, making it a tough choice to make. You can revel in the mushroom sauce for Smoked BBQ Mushroom, Butter Garlic, Kasundi mustard, Kung Pao, Curried BBQ or Narangi Sriracha for finger-licking wings. To tickle your hunger, the Nachos with Salsa Sauce and Beans Sauce or the Classic Fries or Begum Fries with Chicken and Khema are delightful. The burgers at GBC offer a variety from Classic Crunchy to the Indian Rogan Josh or Chicken Tikka Burger. The pastas too range from the classic Penne in white sauce to the irresistible Indianized Penne Punjabi where east meets west.

For all you vegetarians out there, there is no disappointment as we offer the lip-smacking Sanskari Aloo Tikki, Mac & Cheese Fritters and more. We also have a wide selection for people with Indian palettes like the Gotala Kichadi or Maa Ki Daal amongst the Indian selections on our Menu. We want to make this a place which appeals to the palette of the entire family and hence have a wide range to offer to the ever-demanding Indian customers.

We offer the coolest beverages to begin your meals with and the trendiest desserts to end them with. We have Chocolate Samosa with Mango ice cream, Chul Bul Soda, Bulbul Soda and Palang Tod. Ask and you shall get a pleasant surprise with your meals.

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